Business strategy

At Euler Hermes, we put the success of our customers at the heart of business strategy

We focus on understanding the specific needs of each customer and supporting their long term goals

Closer to our customers

We aim for nothing less than to be a preferred partner and ally, working together to make your enterprise succeed. We listen carefully to your needs and make sure we understand your processes, your markets and your challenges. As our customer, you are at the heart of our processes, structure, and management and drive our passion for insurance innovation.  

Your growth strategy is our starting point.  We focus our efforts on building long term relationships that empower your business plans, supported by consistent, high quality, trade related insurance services. There are real benefits for our customers.

  • Regular contact to understand your requirements
  • Harmonized processes that are simpler to operate together
  • Service standards designed for you, based on our customer segmentation

We go the extra mile by combining empathy with data processing. We listen to the hopes, dreams and fears of our customers. We also collect data and analyse markets. Using these powerful insights, we help customers make informed decisions that will protect their cash-flow and transfer their credit risk.

Cover new markets, serve new businesses

We believe that customer proximity is based on market proximity. So we continually strengthen and expand our global trade credit insurance coverage. Priority is given to the fast growing markets we identified through our unique industry-leading knowledge.

We provide tailored credit insurance cover as well as export services for businesses and their trading partners. Our insights on economic outlook and country credit ratings drive our deep understanding of markets. With our support, our clients can grow with confidence and take control of tomorrow.

Confidence To Be Bold

Discover our 2019-2021 Strategy

There is always a concern when taking the first steps into a new market, or making the first contact with a new organisation that could become a major customer, supplier or business partner. That is when the value of detailed insight and guidance about risk is most valuable.  At Euler Hermes we understand the anxieties faced by businesses and the questions they ask, which drives our commitment to insurance innovation. Our aim is to provide considered advice based on objective facts alongside a friendly response that will give confidence. At the same time we offer tried and tested products, guarantees and bonds that put practical arrangements in place to protect cash flow and secure agreements. If the worst happens and an invoice is not paid, our debt collection services can step in to take action for recovery of the monies owed.