Customer obsession is what leads us. We focus on understanding your needs, your markets, your challenges and your expectations for tomorrow.
Our goal is to support your short and long term goals in order to help you make better informed decisions.
Our values:
As the industry leader, we want to move our industry forward to provide a new experience of credit insurance. We have the responsibility to define new standards and to bring confidence in tomorrow. An example is how we designed our customer platform MyEH to help you manage your credit insurance seamlessly.
MyEH is designed to make your working life simpler and more efficient – by better managing your credit insurance policy.
You can access the information you need, whenever you need it.

28  May 2020 - We’re reinforcing our level of service towards customers

In this interview, our new Group Head of Customer Service tells us about the projects she’s working on to ensure the best possible experience to our customer, including her work on our customer platform MyEH.

27 January 2020 - How we’re digitalising the way we interact with customers
Michael Eitelwein, Group Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Management at Euler Hermes Group, explains how data intelligence, digitalisation and frictionless customer experience are at the centre of how we work.
27 January 2020 - How we’re transforming customer experience  
In this interview, Michele Pignotti, Board Member for Group Market Management, Commercial and Distribution, explains how customer experience is at the centre of how we innovate and talks about the new customer platform MyEH.
27 January 2020 - MyEH: 65,000 users by the end of 2020
Yann Le Goff, Senior Program Manager at Euler Hermes, has worked on the delivery of our new customer platform called MyEH. Read his interview to learn how the platform was designed by putting customers’ needs first.
27 January 2020 - MyEH: delivering the best possible customer experience
How do we make sure your needs are taken into account when creating new services? Learn how in this interview of Steve Pelczer, Group Head of Product and Services Development, and Thomas Missonnier, Group Services Marketing Manager

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We can help you protect your cashflow and trade with confidence.
There is always a concern when taking the first steps into a new market, or making the first contact with a new organisation that could become a major customer, supplier or business partner. That is when the value of detailed insight and guidance about risk is most valuable.  At Euler Hermes we understand the anxieties faced by businesses and the questions they ask, which drives our commitment to insurance innovation. Our aim is to provide considered advice based on objective facts alongside a friendly response that will give confidence. At the same time we offer tried and tested products, guarantees and bonds that put practical arrangements in place to protect cash flow and secure agreements. If the worst happens and an invoice is not paid, our debt collection services can step in to take action for recovery of the monies owed.