Sustainable Development

 We are committed to setting the ESG standard for trade finance

Covid-19 marked the start of a new sustainable era. We saw the disruptive impact of this pandemic on the socio-economic well-being of countries around the world. Therefore, when systemic social risks, health and natural disasters continue to rise, the outlook looks bleak. This is why we cannot ignore the strong tangible impact of sustainability risks on corporate resilience and economic activity.

When we all contribute one positive action after another, together we can invest in a better tomorrow. We believe that the integration of ESG factors must take place at the core of everything we do. Our world, our people, our business depend on it.

At Euler Hermes, we believe now is the time for the financial services industry to drive the ESG agenda to support businesses to respond to unexpected challenges effectively and place the economy at the service of our planet. At Euler Hermes, we are leading the way to transition businesses into adopting an ESG-focused mindset, and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals so that the world can be confident in the future.

We support the economy by helping businesses to grow. But, how we do it is as important: by striving for the best ethical standards and caring for our
employees and clients.

At Euelr Hermes, we have established three key pillars that aims to integrate ESG fully into our company DNA.

"At Euler Hermes, it is our moral obligation to lead the conversation and actions to pursue Responsible Business and protect the well-being of our world. As a global company, we focus our minds on integrating ESG not only in our own business but we encourage others to join us. As a global citizen, we pour our hearts into supporting causes dedicated to environmental protection, health protection, social inclusion and equality & diversity."

Florence Lecoutre, Member of the Board of Management

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We all have a civic duty to provide protect the well-being of the greater community. This is how our teams across 50 countries put it into action.