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GDP USD 38.65bn ( World ranking 92, World Bank 2014)
Population 26.4 mn (Wolrd ranking 48, World Bank 2014)
Form of state Constitutional Democracy
Head of government John Dramani MAHAMA
Next elections Presidential and Legislative 2020
  • Established track record of good governance, with a functioning democratic system and peaceful transfer of power among political parties.
  • Natural resource base (cocoa, gold, forestry etc.) now supplemented by discovery of commercially-exploitable oil reserves – output from 2011.
  • Strong GDP growth in recent years, even with a downturn in 2014-15.
  • Market-oriented policy framework.
  • Positive relations with the IFIs.
  • While some safeguards are established, the ability and capacity to manage oil wealth is yet to be tested fully.
  • Continuing twin deficits (fiscal and current account) require careful management.
  • Frontier markets, including Ghana and Nigeria, are not immune from sell-off pressures in emerging economies. There is therefore periodic risk of currency depreciation, FX reserve depletion and capital flight.
  • Although per capita incomes have improved, poverty remains pervasive in some rural areas.
  • Regional instability and uncertainties, including in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Mali.

Trade structure by destination/origin

(% of total)

Exports Rank Imports
South Africa 13%
20% China
United Arab Emirates 11%
8% United States
Switzerland 11%
5% Nigeria
France 7%
5% Netherlands
China 7%
5% Côte d'Ivoire

Trade structure by product

(% of total)

Exports Rank Imports
Gold, non-monetary (excluding gold ores and concentrates) 41%
13% Road vehicles
Coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, and manufactures thereof 23%
7% Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials
Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials 14%
6% Specialised machinery
Vegetables and fruits 4%
5% Other industrial machinery and parts
Metalliferous ores and metal scrap 4%
5% Other transport equipment


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