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Episode 1 - The most severe recession of the century

How will the global economy emerge from the most severe recession of the century? Discover the first episode of our new video series on Covid-19 with Head of Economic Research Alexis Garatti.
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Episode 2 - Global trade just can't catch a break

What's the cost of Covid-19 for global trade, and could it spark the return of old-school protectionism? Watch our Economist Georges Dib in the second episode of our new series.
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Episode 3 - Extraordinary policies for extraordinary times

The Covid-19 crisis has forced governments to resort to extraordinary policies for extraordinary times. Are they paying off? Watch episode 3 of our new series with Head of Macroeconomic Research Ana Boata.
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Episode 4 - What Covid-19 means for markets

Covid-19 has brought central banks back to the battlefield. What does this mean for interest rates and equities? Watch episode 4 of our new series with Fixed Income Strategist Jordi Basco-Carrera.
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Episode 5 - Will the global economy recover?

As countries open up, can governments stave off a second wave of #Covid19 and revive their economies, or will we slip into an even bigger crisis? Watch our Chief Economist Ludovic Subran in the final episode of our series.
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