Open Data Portal at Euler Hermes - Jennifer Baert interview

At Euler Hermes, data is key! The more data we have on companies, the more credit we can give to our policy holders. It is clear to us that if we want to stay relevant in our credit risk assessments but also to better serve our customers, we need to use more than traditional data.

The collateral damage of too-low growth and tightening financial conditions

In 2018, global insolvencies confirmed their upward trend which started in 2017 after seven consecutive years of sizable declines. Indeed, our Global Insolvency Index which covers 43 countries totaling 83% of global GDP is to post a +10% y/y increase for 2018. All in all we expect 20 countries of our sample to see in 2018 more insolvencies than in 2017.

Could the next global crisis come from the construction sector?

After ten years of growth (2008-2018), we have reached the peak in the global construction growth cycle: 2018 will be the turning point according to Euler Hermes’ unique proprietary data on millions of companies across 70 countries.

Global trade in 2019: And the winners are…

In the US, the fiscal stimulus of the Trump administration and a rise in wages associated with the strength of the dollar will keep both domestic demand and imports in-check.

Trade war? Not really (or not yet)

The G20 summit opens tomorrow in Buenos Aires amid concerns over US protectionism. Nevertheless, global trade of goods and services remained relatively resilient this year.  In 2019, trade momentum is set to soften to +3.6% (from +3.8% in 2018) in line with softening of global growth, because of tighter financing conditions and those uncertainties around trade  Beyond a hypothetic rising protectionism, businesses should prepare for higher cost of trade, trade diversion, and rising political risk

German SMEs and mid-caps have a higher average credit risk than Italian

Euler Hermes Rating’s latest study finds that SMEs and mid-caps in Italy have a lower average 2-year default rate (2.05%) than their German (2.59%), French (3.05%) or even Spanish (3.67%) counterparts. However, the financial profile leader is Germany’s Mittelstand (i.e.SMEs and mid-caps). At 32.4%, the German firms have the highest percentage of investment-grade financial profiles (from BBB to AA and higher) of the four countries studied.

Euler Hermes North America The Midterm Votes Are In

The votes are in, and the American voters have come back with a split decision – Democrats won back the House of Representatives while the Republicans maintain control of the Senate. There’s no question that the results will change the course of policy creation in Washington and impact both small and large businesses. Euler Hermes, a global leader in trade credit insurance, shares what business leaders need to know now that the midterm elections are over.

Brexit A blind date is better than a bad breakup

The cost of uncertainty regarding Brexit could be as much as -0.1pp of GDP growth per quarter between now and making a deal Euler Hermes still expect a ‘Blind Brexit’ (70% likelihood): a last-minute deal with the EU where both sides agree on a Free Trade Agreement with very close ties In a ‘No deal’ scenario (25% likelihood), the UK will exit the EU under the WTO conditions: 4% to 5% of mutual import tariffs, with heavy consequences on both sides

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