World After Covid-19

What will be the ‘new normal’?

What happens next in a world after covid-19?

We looked at the possible effects of the crisis on our mindsets, the workplace, global politics, debt, trade and industry, technology and healthcare.

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The cost of chaos

The post-Covid world will emerge with a paradox: a possible massive calling for state intervention to act both on the pandemic itself and on the recession
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Global vs Local: The future of Trade and the Economy

The speed at which Covid-19 spread around the world also highlighted the potential vulnerability of some industries when borders are closed and supply chains are not ensured.
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The future of healthcare

The balance between the cost of healthcare for all and that of pandemic events could make more countries evolve towards state-controlled healthcare.
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More vulnerable, less predictable

It is already difficult to assess what the timeline of ‘The After’ could be: for the moment there is no clear timeframe on which the Covid-19 could be predicted as cleared, and the magnitude and impact of the economic crisis is also hard to assess.
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Technology : A new golden age?

Technology is the big winner of this covid-19 crisis. It will continue its rise within all aspects of our lives (e.g. education, health, retail, communication, payment and signature).
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New world, new societies, new rules

From one day to the next, many employees started working remotely. Although some were used to doing this for one day a week, no-one was used to working at home on a daily basis.
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A new world order?

At a global level, a mixed landscape of reaction towards the crisis was seen.
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