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How to build a credit process to boost sales

Ensure efficiency and safety with a credit process that empowers your sales team to make more sales.
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How does business debt collection work?

Discover how to master the process of business debt collection, send a debt collection letter, and learn about external options that can support you.
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What is invoice financing and how does it work?

Is invoice financing an interesting option for your business? What are its benefits? Read the article to find out.
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Why sharing financial data is key to building your business

Discover why disclosing financial information in a trade credit context is key to building your business.
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Letter of credit vs trade credit insurance: advantages and disadvantages

What is the difference between a letter of credit and trade credit insurance? What are their advantages and disadvantages and which is best for your business?
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The keys to a solid credit policy

A credit policy helps to reduce outstanding invoices and will set your business up for profitable growth.
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UK retail sector outlook understand the 5 key risk factors

In a disrupted retail sector, how can you safely extend credit? Understand the 5 main risks to watch out for.
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How to perform customer credit checks

Check out our tips to perform credit checks on existing and potential customers, in order to assess credit risk.
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Zombie companies: what are they and how can you mitigate your risk?

Protect your business and avoid credit risk by learning to identify potential carriers of bad debt.
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