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Economic recovery: safe trade in a post-pandemic world

To ensure their economic recovery, businesses must clearly understand their customers’ new risk profiles.
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Protecting business against cyberfraud beginner guide fraudster profiles

Do you speak cyberfraud? Protect your business by understanding the key profiles
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Maximising export opportunities with surety

Learn the basics about surety agreements, as well as the importance of finding the right issuing partner.
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Leveraging trade credit insurance to build better business relationships

The perfect recipe to claims collection that can strengthen customer relationships and even stimulate future trade.
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Why consider non-payment insurance for your company?

Learn what non-payment insurance is and how it supports company growth by covering non-payments of invoices.
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What debt collection and marriage have in common

A third-party debt collector is a good option for many companies, particularly SMEs, which may not have resources dedicated to this important process.
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What is a good working capital ratio?

The working capital ratio is a key liquidity indicator to know before launching new activities. Find out more.
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What is credit management and what are its benefits?

Discover what credit management is and use these tips to create or improve your credit management strategy.
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What is credit control and how to implement a credit control process?

Discover how to implement credit control procedures to trade with your customers safely, better manage your receivables and grow your business.
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