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Business cash flow management: understanding the basics

Cash flow management is essential to project future revenue and secure your business growth. Read our article for tips to improve your cash flow.
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How to protect your business against credit fraud

Identity theft is the most common type of business fraud in trade credit. Look out for these common red flags that should alert your company’s credit department.
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Using credit insurance to drive smart sales growth

How credit insurance enables companies’ credit teams to support business growth alongside the sales force.
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Bad debt protection: how insurance can help

Find out what bad debt protection is and how you can protect your business from unpaid invoices thanks to insurance solutions.
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Domino effect of insolvencies is your company vaccinated against it

What are the ‘highly transmissible’ nature of insolvencies of large companies as well as their undesirable effects? Here are some rules of thumb on how to spot signals and be prepared.
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Covid-19: Identifying the signs of business insolvency

Are your supply chain trading partners an increased insolvency risk? Learn how to spot the insolvency warning signs.
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Covid-19: 8 steps to ensure insolvency protection

Is your business protected from the Covid-19 insolvency domino effect? Check out how to improve your insolvency risk management.
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Insolvency risk: the Covid-19 domino effect explained

Covid-19 increased insolvency risk and threatens to trigger a supply chain domino effect. Here’s what you need to know.
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Credit risk management solutions

There are many credit risk management options: trade credit insurance, letter of credit, invoice finance, factoring... Read our tips to choose the right solution.
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