Payment behavior: Who's paying the piper?

In 2015, average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for listed companies in emerging markets is expected at 5 days above that of advanced economies which stood at 10 days below 2007 levels. This spread is most important for industrial goods and technology (respectively +16 and +19 days between 2010 and 2014). B2B activities continue to show longer DSO on average. Telecom remains the sector to post the strongest and most generalized rise in DSO (+10 days since 2010).

DSO figures in China and Russia have increased massively (+22 and + 17 days respectively since 2007). The economic turmoil in Brazil will cause DSO to increase by 2 days in 2015. In advanced economies, average DSO is stabilizing except in the UK where it rose by +4 days between 2010 and 2014.