Interactive Risk: Meet the New Digital Maps

DSO Map 2016.png

​One of the toughest parts of our mission is to communicate complex risks in a clear way to help decision-making. Research into insolvencies or payment behavior has to make sense. Formulas, data, and forecasts must be translated to an interface to support Credit Managers and CFOs alike, in steering their working capital.
A tough task indeed.

One great way to tell a meaningful story with cross-country data and comparisons is by using maps. Just like their printed ancestors, interactive maps visualize changes and differences. Yet they offer one unique advantage. You can zoom in and out of geographic regions, move across time or distance, and choose the parts that are relevant here and now.

Simply put: interaction.

Euler Hermes’ Economic Research is delighted to introduce a new interactive atlas (fear not, the good old static ones are still alive and well in PDF format.)
With this in mind, meet our four Musketeers of credit management: Country Risk, Days Sales outstanding (DSO), Insolvencies, and Collection.

Click on a country to see the latest country report and the payment risks a company might face in different parts of the world. Overall Country Risk is composed of Medium-Term Country Grade (AA=low to D) and Short-Term Country Risk Level (1=low to 4). Click on the image below to view the Country Risk map:
Country Risk Map Q1 2016.png

This map charts Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in 36 countriesdso. Click to view 2016 forecasts and 2015 data across 20 sectors of the economy.
Click on the image below to view the DSO map:

Euler Hermes measures and forecasts insolvencies in 43 countries worldwide to provide unique insight into credit risk. Click to view 2016 forecasts and past changes in the number of bankruptcies.
Click on the image below to view the Insolvencies map:

Insolvencies Map 2016.png

How easy is it to collect your dues in  44 countries? Click on a country to read more about its payment and debt collection practices, as well as the quality and efficiency of its court and insolvency proceedings. Click on the image below to view the Collections map:

Land of Payment Collections Map 2016.png

Ludovic Subran
Chief Economist
Euler Hermes
If you would like to learn more about Euler Hermes in your country or near you, feel free to visit our countries’ pages.