In our economic outlook, we explore the 7 dwarfs of the global economy. By these we refer to miniscule drivers of economic growth, including, for example, Sleepy trade and the Happy consumer. Beware the Evil Queen of business insolvencies. She may be making an unwelcome guest appearance in 2016. Companies' insolvencies are forecast to rise by +1% in 2016 because of sluggish growth and volatility. Fortunately, the Snow White of business investment is finally here. In our worldwide analysis we estimate that global growth will remain limited, with no genuine acceleration compared to 2015: +2.8% in 2016 and +3% in 2017. Divergence between emerging markets and advanced economies will persist. Emerging markets will experience below-trend growth but are less crisis-prone than in the past. The US and the UK are reaching the end of their recovery cycle whereas the Eurozone has clawed its way back into growth.