Afri-can or Afri-can't? 10 Myths to debunk on Africa

The commodity price slump hit short-term growth prospects in many key African economies (Nigeria, South Africa) and policy-making has proved more difficult with external headwinds. Yet several African countries show resilience and interesting prospects. When excluding commodity exporters, Africa currently still grows by 4% a year, including in 2016. More decisively, this overcast short-term horizon should not scare investors and companies. In our 10 myths to debunk on Africa, we explore why the consumer, the business climate, the institutions, the ICT revolution inter alia, are major (r)evolutions. There is still much work to be done to create a more conducive business backdrop but a virtuous circle (business climate, tech hubs, rising FDI flows) is underway in top performing countries from C�te d'Ivoire to Kenya and Tanzania.