MyEH: 65,000 users by the end of 2020

27 January 2020

Yann Le Goff, Senior Program Manager at Euler Hermes, is currently leading a part of Euler Hermes’ digital transformation through the delivery of the new customer platform called MyEH. In this interview, he tells us more about how the platform was designed by taking into account customers’ needs.

Michael Eitelwein
I’ve been in the company for 18 years so I have contributed to many projects! Starting with systems linked to the contract management or the accounting, I progressively moved to projects closer to customers. With the implementation of our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, the objective was to deliver the best customer service. Now I’m leading our new customer platform MyEH to fully digitalize the customer journey.

Our job is to work with our customers to protect their business and aid their growth. That means managing their exposure to risk and their cover. MyEH helps them to do that exactly.

At this stage, the portal is focused on risk management from the identification of the company (allowing our customers to find their customers’ companies) to the delivery of the cover (setting up credit limits). We also provide a monitoring section with different reports for a clear view of the insurance policy and a customer service section for any additional request. We’ll continuously develop and deliver new features in the next months.

More than 100 of our employees are part of this transformation and the project was also the opportunity for us at Euler Hermes to transform our organization into an agile company. We did this to serve one core objective: accelerate the delivery of new services to our customers and partners.

The portal is being rolled-out progressively in our largest entities across the world, including World Agency – our entity dedicated to multinationals – and will be completed in 2020. We currently have 6500 users but we plan to have 65,000 users by the end of 2020!

Customers have been involved in the MyEH project from the start. We set up a lab to co-build the solution. And today, all MyEH users have the possibility to give their feedback on each page of the portal. We have already received many comments. These comments are helping us align with customers’ needs and expectations.
The coordination of all teams involved is a challenge, especially as our objective is to deliver new developments every two weeks. However, I am very proud that we’ve been able to deliver the application in less than 24 months on a brand new architecture – behind the screen, everything is new!
Our role is to help our customers trade wisely and grow their business safely. When comes the time to indemnify them, we need to provide a digital claim process as simple as possible. This is currently what we are working on. So watch this space!