In this interview, our new Group Head of Customer Service Belén Diaz explains her role and the projects she’s working on to improve customer experience, including our customer platform MyEH. 
Belén Diaz

I have spent most of my career in Spain at Euler Hermes and Solunion, a joint venture between MAPFRE and Euler Hermes, where I held a number of different management positions, including in the Claims and Collections, Commercial and Market Management departments.

I have recently been appointed as Group Head of Customer Service at Euler Hermes Group. During my career, I had the chance to lead and participate in several projects that contributed to improve the relationship with our customers and the services we deliver to them. Having that direct contact with customers, asking and listening to them and, of course, being able to fulfil their needs is the part I like the most of my job.

My new role aims to reinforce our level of service towards our customers.  Over the last few years, we have succeeded in improving the customer experience by implementing different services and taking actions to ensure the best possible experience. For example, we now send tips to our customers during their on-boarding to help them manage their policy, and we have enhanced our proactive service model to anticipate customers’ needs.

We also developed a multi-channel approach allowing customers to choose how they want to interact with our teams. Now we are moving forward to ensure an omni-channel experience to our customers, which will also give them more freedom and autonomy to manage their policies through our dedicated customer platform, MyEH. Implemented in 2019, it was the result of an important work of co-creation with our customers and partners. The result is fantastic because we are sure that MyEH can meet their needs.

MyEH is a state-of-the-art customer platform for credit insurance policy management. The design guarantees a great user experience and the content brings a high level of information to the customers so that they have access to everything they need related to their policy. In addition to this, MyEH is an open channel for the customer to interact with Euler Hermes. They are able to contact us by several means, including live-chat in case they have a query that can be solved immediately or by opening a request to be answered later. In this way, they are able to have all the exchanges with us in one place. Our customer service teams follow up and answer the requests, which we measure with our service level agreement to ensure that most of the requests are solved in a maximum of 48 hours.
As I said before, “asking the customer” is in the DNA of our customer-centric service model. In this case, we work with our customers and partners to design the concept, by discussing their needs and how we can improve, and we validate the final output with some fine-tunings. We also work with our business teams to get their feedback so that MyEH is the best synthesis possible of the customers needs, and of our internal knowledge to ensure we give customers the best experience for managing their policies. We work using an Agile methodology that ensures we can continuously improve the results. It is very rewarding for the project team of MyEH to count on all this expertise and involvement.
I started in my new position on 1 March, and on 13 March, we started with the lockdown. Fortunately, I am not new in the company and I know most of the people, business process etc. Otherwise, it would have been a tough on-boarding! Regarding telework specifically, I think that Euler Hermes was really well prepared for this. From the very first minute, we have been able to work from home and to serve our customers with almost no impact to them. The most challenging is to balance the time I spend working with the time I need to dedicate to my kids, school tasks, etc… and to find a place to avoid my kids to step in the middle of a conference!