Appointment of COSEC's Chairman

COSEC’s Executive Commission announces that Maria Celeste Hagatong took office as Chairman of the company, previously occupied by Miguel Gomes da Costa.


Maria Celeste Hagatong initiated her professional career as Financial Services Manager by Portugal Ministry of Finance & Public Administration, and later entered BPI Bank, where she worked for 33 years. In BPI Bank, Maria Celeste Hagatong worked in the Investment Bank and, since 2002, as a member of BPI Bank’s Executive Board, being responsible for Corporate Banking and Project Finance.


For the past 10 years, Maria Celeste Hagatong was non-executive Board Member of COSEC, representing BPI Bank.


Maria Celeste Hagatong was responsible for the launching and promotion of Credit Insurance in the Corporate Network of BPI Bank, a very relevant project for COSEC's affirmation in the Portuguese market.