Confidence to be Bold: Euler Hermes reveals its new strategy for ambitious growth

Confidence to be Bold: Euler Hermes reveals its new strategy for ambitious growth

  • Euler Hermes reveals today its 2019-2021 strategic plan: “Confidence to be Bold”
  • This new strategic plan is propelled by a new brand promise, Confidence in Tomorrow, unveiled in the new Group website on September 27th.

Euler Hermes launches its strategic plan for 2019-2021: “Confidence to be Bold”. The new strategy is powered by a new brand promise and identity, which was revealed to clients and partners in the new group website on September 27th.


“Confidence to be Bold”: an ambition to strongly enrich the offer

With the 100-year anniversary milestone, Euler Hermes defined an ambitious new strategic plan to confront the challenges that its business is facing: a rapidly transforming sector, data proliferation, new players in the trade finance industry, new needs of SMEs, and for new products.

Through this 2021 strategic plan, the world’s leader in trade credit insurance is embarking on a concrete plan to expand beyond its traditional and oldest business line, trade credit insurance (TCI), into complementary and innovative products and lines of business to match the transformative needs of today’s business leaders, around fraud and bonding notably.  .

Euler Hermes’ new strategy “Confidence to be Bold” addresses the five major challenges inherent to the industry change of the upcoming years. The strategy starts by putting people at its core and in particular is implements an innovative, full-fledged training and development program to facilitate the learning of new skills needed for the digital era. Also, through an in-depth transformation, Euler Hermes aims to become the most innovative B2B insurance company, thus redefining the trade finance standards through four areas of focus:

  1. Growth-driven – a bold expansion beyond core TCI and in the SME-segment through innovation to answer new needs and explore disruptive ideas; coupled with a new brand identity/model.
  2. Data-powered – data has been at the heart of the Euler Hermes business model for over a century, and the goal for 2021 is to combine data proliferation with new IT technologies ahead of competition.
  3. Nimble – achieving simplicity and agility through in-depth IT transformation, increased product simplification, and faster time-to-market. A fully digital customer experience, with innovative functionalities that are new to the market, is being finalized.
  4. Passionate – being influential, in B2B thought leadership and in the InsurTech space, and responsible, visibly and actively supporting causes in line with our purpose.


“Confidence in tomorrow: a new brand promise with a unique brand identity

In line with the 2021 strategic plan, and to reap untapped growth opportunities, Euler Hermes is sharpening its purpose and its brand through a purpose-rich positioning: predict trade and credit risk today, to protect cash flow tomorrow, thus it promises “Confidence in Tomorrow” to its customers. It is embodied by a robust investment in people and technology as well as financial, operational and market data to feed powerful predictive analytics and business intelligence.

 The goal is to provide a best assessment of what will happen tomorrow, so companies and their business leaders can better anticipate, analyze and respond to changes in business performance and market conditions. Euler Hermes’ unique knowledge of companies, industries and countries will help businesses of all sizes choose the right customers and the right markets to avoid bad debt in the first place.

The new group website incorporates Euler Hermes new brand identity, a contemporary design that expresses the new brand promise “Confidence in Tomorrow”.

Our passion is to give customers the confidence to trade and get paid, so they can move their business forward, whatever their goal. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and I’m convinced that we will reach our objectives, thanks to our employees as well as existing and new partners. We will also rely on our business intelligence and innovative spirit. Let’s take control of tomorrow, together” explains Wilfried Verstraete, chairman of the Euler Hermes board of management.

Visualization of the 2019-2021 strategy “Confidence to be Bold”: