The Euler Hermes - BFM BUSINESS export performance award presented to the Mäder group

​At the BFM AWARDS1 ceremony held on November 18, 2013 in Paris, the award for the best export performance was presented to Mäder, a Lille-based manufacturer of industrial paints and composite resins. Euler Hermes, the global leader in credit insurance, and BFM BUSINESS, France’s leading business media, teamed up to create a new award in order to recognize the boldness and performance of French companies abroad.


Promoting French companies that export successfully

Exports are expected to gather pace in 2014 (+1.9% vs. +1% in 2013) thanks to the euro zone exit from the recession (+0.9% economic growth vs. a 0.5% contraction in 2013) and strong anticipated growth in emerging countries, even if slightly moderated from the previous year2.

“New sales markets will therefore create €18 billion in additional global demand for French exports in 2014, a 4% increase from the previous year,” said Nicolas Delzant, chairman of the Board of Management of Euler Hermes France. “Exports are a boon for French companies, even if significant challenges remain in terms of risks, such as a 12% increase in defaults in the euro zone in 2013. Credit insurance is a business intelligence tool that enables companies to develop and map their export strategy. For this reason, we worked with BFM BUSINESS to design a unique award to reward companies that venture abroad and achieve international success.”

Nearly 100 exporters – each with sales of more than €4 million and covering a broad range of sectors, that embody France’s dynamic export profile – participated in the contest. After reviewing the applications based on criteria such as growth and solidity, the jury awarded Mäder, the European leader in industrial and decorative paints and composite resins.


From a Lille-based small business to a European Group

Mäder was created in 1993 through the rescue of Corsain, a company located in the Pas-de-Calais region that generated €10 million in sales exclusively in France. The Group acquired several companies and manufacturing facilities in France, the rest of Europe, China and India, and developed its activities by focusing on industrial customers with a strong high-tech component in the aerospace, rail and automotive sectors. In just under 10 years, Mäder successfully made the transition to exporter, growing from a small, regional French business to a medium-sized European company with €185 million in sales, including 70% exports and annual organic growth ranging from 3% to 6%.
“We owe this dynamic growth to two factors: innovation, notably contributing to the preservation of the environment, and the secure development of our business abroad. To sell our products worldwide through subsidiaries and partners, we need to be able to properly assess and anticipate the financial situation of our customers and prospects. It is essential for French companies to seek out new growth opportunities abroad, provided that they secure their cash flow while managing risks,” emphasizes Corinne Molina, chair of the Management Board of Mäder.
1 For the past nine years and with more than 1,000 economic decision-makers and company leaders present, the BFM Awards recognize French companies that contribute to France’s dynamic growth and appeal.

2 Source: Euler Hermes study, October 2013