Euler Hermes launches EH SmartView, an innovative online solution to improve risk monitoring

Euler Hermes, the worldwide leader in trade credit insurance, has launched EH SmartView, a new online risk monitoring solution that gives businesses immediate visibility over trade receivables. The service was initially launched in Belgium and in the UK; other countries will follow shortly.
“In an uncertain global economic environment, accounts receivable can represent more than a third of total business assets,” notes Isabelle Delorme, director, Euler Hermes Group Market Management. “EH SmartView encourages a culture of risk management throughout a company that uses it. It provides businesses with timely intelligence, clearly and concisely, and improves control over accounts receivable portfolios to maximize opportunities.”

Policyholders access EH SmartView through Euler Hermes’ secure customer portal, EOLIS. Their main performance indicators are summarized in a dashboard of four reports:

  • their global credit limit acceptance rate
  • the buyer portfolio risk profile
  • the 24-month evolution of their exposure
  • Euler Hermes’ response time to their credit limit requests.
With this innovative solution, the policyholder can now also identify change in his customer’s creditworthiness, due to the integration of Euler Hermes’ risk grading system. Euler Hermes buyer risk grades represent the core of the company’s knowledge and analyses, and help clients identify and avoid risk. Euler Hermes allocates each policyholder’s customer a grade reflecting its financial health and how it conducts business. Data is refreshed daily to offer the most up-to-date information to support management decisions.
Euler Hermes offers a range of online services to help clients manage risk and maximize business opportunities. The EH SmartView launch follows the September 2013 introduction of EH Intelligence by Sidetrade, an online system that enables 360° management of a policyholder’s “business-to-cash” cycle that benefits from a real-time collaboration with Euler Hermes. EH SmartView continues Euler Hermes’ engagement in providing added-value online solutions to its clients.