Euler Hermes UK launches new online portal to enhance broker relationships

​ A new UK online portal that allows brokers immediate access to credit insurance documents, in-depth reports, economic data and essential news on forthcoming events has been launched by Euler Hermes. the global leader in trade credit insurance.
The Euler Hermes UK Broker Portal is divided into two sections: a public section with information about Euler Hermes, its products and a range of available marketing material along with a private section only accessible to brokers who register on the Portal. This secure area contains specific information for each broker which they can access from anywhere, enabling them to respond quickly to customer needs. It also includes access to enhanced economic data and reports.
Lukas Neckermann, commercial director for Euler Hermes UK comments: “For brokers who are new to Euler Hermes, the Portal will help them gain a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, and how we can help their customers to grow their respective businesses. Full access and transparency of information is part of the value we offer our customers and brokers overall. The Broker Portal is just another way we can demonstrate that our knowledge is serving our clients' success.”
For further information and details of how to register on the Euler Hermes UK Broker Portal, go to: or contact