Real-time coverage with just a click: Euler Hermes Germany goes digital with its first online policy

​Euler Hermes Germany goes digital by offering “Simplicity Online,” a trade credit insurance policy that customers can easily subscribe to online. The new product mainly targets small- and medium-sized businesses with annual sales of up to €5 million. The credit verification is also performed online – by the customer – with just a few clicks. With this online insurance policy, Euler Hermes broadens its digital services portfolio.

 “With our new online insurance policy, commercial transactions are for the first time covered in real time, 24/7,” said Jonas Müller, head of product development at Euler Hermes Germany. “We already offer our customers a wide range of online tools. For example, they can manage their portfolios online or, using a special app, examine their customers’ risk profiles or credit ratings and download the country rating and sector reports. The ability to subscribe to an online insurance policy represents a major step forward in the digitalization of our business.”

With “Simplicity Online”, the customer completes an online form, sends it to Euler Hermes and receives both the insurance policy and digital access to the Euler Hermes database. “BoniCheck” is a digital tool enabling customers to check the credit ratings of existing or potential new customers at any time with just a click. 

 “Our digital insurance is particularly interesting for small- and medium-sized companies that sell to a large number of customers such as trades companies or food service industry suppliers,” said Müller. “The only precondition is that the customer first completes verification in the digital Euler Hermes database. With Simplicity Online, credit insurance achieves a whole new level of flexibility, since the customer can check credit ratings in real time and be protected automatically against delinquent payments. Customers can therefore finalize a transaction immediately without first having to submit a limit request or wait for confirmation.”

The Euler Hermes global database analyzes the credit rating of 40 million companies, including company data on 3 million German companies. If a company does not appear in the database, a review is immediately performed by Euler Hermes risk analysts. The credit ratings issued range from 1 (very high credit rating) to 10 (insolvent). 

More information on “Simplicity Online” is available at: