The Future of Healthcare

In Healthcare, the current situation is demonstrating the negative externalities of poor health and poor healthcare infrastructures — be it because they’re outdated, too few, or inaccessible to most. The balance  between the cost of healthcare for all and that of pandemic events could make more countries evolve towards state-controlled healthcare.

Each structural crisis will see a future of improvements in their specific field and also new regulations. After the 2008 crisis, which was a financial structural crisis, we saw the rising of FinTech with a huge growth in investments and new laws.

The Covid-19 crisis is a structural health crisis. Investments in all verticals related to technology in health will  increase.HealthTech will be the new FinTech (Alan has raised 50M€ during the Covid-19 crisis). Life science and healthcare will see immense growth opportunities and States will reinforce their controls on these industries.