Surety Bonds and Guarantees

Many businesses use surety bonds and guarantees to support and protect the contractual obligations they have entered into with customers, suppliers and partners. These financial solutions are flexible and can be adjusted for use on major projects or in different trade sectors. A surety bond or guarantee can safeguard your working capital so that you are able to grow your business without financial pressure. The regulations and business practices that apply to surety bonds can vary between countries so it is important to get expert advice when using them, especially when entering a new market for the first time.

Our extensive global network and corporate strength stands behind our surety bonds and guarantees to reassure your business contacts that their interests are protected. We work as your partner to facilitate the relationships that you have established with other organisations, leading to more successful transactions and commercial engagements.

Using surety bonds can open up opportunities in the public sector and developing markets where the risks are different from standard trading deals. The expert teams at Euler Hermes can provide advice and guidance on the use of surety bonds and guarantees in markets around the world so that your decisions can be made with full understanding.

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