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Trade Credit Insurance

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Trade credit insurance covers your receivables due within 12 months so that your cash flow is safeguarded. Our information tracks the financial health of your customers and we update you so that you can trade with confidence.  If your customers become insolvent or fall into protracted default, you will be indemnified for the cost of goods and services you have delivered.
Gain access to comprehensive and up to date information on the changing risk within your customer portfolio.  Track and manage customer orders and payments more confidently.

Trade receivables are protected and your cash flow and profit line will be more secure.  The strength of the business will be clear to banks, auditors and investors.

Identify opportunities for growth and expansion.  Release resources to develop sales with new customers and in new markets.
Protect and grow your business.  Have the confidence to trade, and get paid.

Reliable and sustainable provider of credit risk management solutions for multinationals operating globally.
Make trading easier, improve profitability and grow your business

Use trade credit insurance to protect cash flow and receivables  

Tailored credit risk management giving you confidence in a complex world