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How To Protect Your Business From An Insolvency Domino Effect?

2020 proved to be a rollercoaster year for insolvencies, with the pandemic triggering a +23% y/y uplift in major insolvencies – i.e. insolvencies of companies with a turnover exceeding EUR50mn – while overall business insolvencies recorded a -10% drop.

With an upcoming normalisation in insolvencies post-phasing out of state assistance mechanisms, companies should anticipate and gather information on how to get protected against the domino effect, which can result from a simple exposure to a large insolvency from liquidity stress in a context of rapid economic recovery.
This ebook provides you tips to better anticipate and protect your business from this, in order to start your next investment cycle in the best conditions.

  • Understanding the risks of the insolvency domino effect
  • Practical risk assessment tips
  • Preventive measures you can take
  • Third-party solutions that can help you protect your business
This is a must-read for any forward-looking CEO or CFO dedicated to de-risking and safeguarding their business against insolvency risk.

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