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Euler Hermes is one of the best trade credit insurance providers in the world.

We are backed by Allianz, one of the leading financial services providers worldwide. With more than 100 years of client support and responsiveness to changing business environments, our brand is guaranteed with AA financial ratings by Dagong and Standard & Poor’s.


Hong Kong

Since October 1998,  our Hong Kong office has now become the headquarter of the Asian-Pacific region. We offer a competitive range of integrated products and services, designed to assist businesses to protect their trade assets and improve their working capital and cash flow.

Our Competencies  


At Euler Hermes, we respond to your business needs. We help you adapt challenges, monitor your clients constantly and alert you with anything that is potentially risky and dangerous to your business. We enable you to ride on the challenging and the ever-changing business environment.


We have over 6, 000 employees worldwide. We serve more than 50,000 clients from all over the world, tracking companies representing 92% of global GDP. With our expertise and professional knowledge in different industries, we proactively provide you with the correct information, which enables you to make the correct decision, to choose the right customers in the right markets.


We believe people are our assets. We invested hugely in people and technology over the past century. Our unique knowledge of companies, industries and countries give confidence to our policyholders to trade domestically and abroad. We are proud and passionate about what we do for you. With Euler Hermes, you can move your business forward, especially when the unexpected does arrive, you can be confident you are protected. Let us take control of tomorrow, together.