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As economies in Asia Pacific set pace to recover to its pre-Covid 19 growth momentum, businesses need to adapt to evolving risks and challenges. Many questions come to mind: how did the pandemic affect your business? How will you navigate your business through the post-pandemic recovery? Are you equipped with relevant risk mitigating tools?

Our APAC Pandemic Recovery survey has closed and the report will be out in October. Reserve the report today and get a first look on how your peers are strategising their business comeback.
You may think that credit insurance is complex or only suited for large or multinational companies. However, credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a small business’ continued success. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.   
Our online customer portal makes your policy easy to understand and manage. Use our predictive information to grow your business with confidence.
Our straightforward process makes it simple and easy to set up a policy. You can then sell on open account terms to get ahead of the competition at home or in export markets.
Immediate cover will put your accounts receivable under control and protect your cash flow.  Access more favourable terms from banks and other lenders.

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As an entrepreneur you are constantly striving to build your business. Every day you make decisions that combine the challenges of chasing opportunities with managing risks. If a customer fails to pay, the consequences can be serious – the survival of your business may even be jeopardized. As a major player in trade credit insurance, bonding and fraud cover, we work closely with small and medium-sized companies that are investing for growth. We have listened to your needs and responded with insurance policies made the way you want them. Simplicity is trade credit insurance for entrepreneurs who manage risk professionally and grow their businesses with confidence. A short and simple application process makes life easier.  Structured prices mean you can quickly work out the cost for your business and see the value you will gain.