Credit Check

Thanks to our free credit check, you quickly get an overview of the creditworthiness of 3 customers or prospects. It will allow you to better estimate whether these customers are able to pay your invoices now and in the future. Fill in the form below and receive the results in your mailbox.

A good entrepreneur focuses on growing his business and acquiring new customers. If you work with payment terms, it is important to know that your customers can pay your invoices. One measure you can take is always check the creditworthiness of your new and existing customers. It can save you from many troubles.
Fill in the below form and receive the results in your mailbox.
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Entrepreneurs prefer to focus on their own business. And we understand that very well. That’s why, with our trade credit insurance solutions, we keep your company safe. You no longer have to stay awake when a large invoice might go unpaid. Trade credit insurance offers you payment security. It saves you many troubles and you can fully focus on what really matters to you. Trade credit insurance does not promise that there will be no default of payment, but we suffer the consequences for you.
Checking your customers’ creditworthiness not only means knowing whether you will be paid, but also developing your business with trusted partners and limiting the risk of non-payment. When the creditworthiness of one of your customers is impaired, you will need to review your payment's terms and conditions, possibly request additional guarantees or partial/full advanced payment upon order placement. If your customer is solvent, you can give them more flexibility and do more business with them. You can also check the creditworthiness of new customers which will allow you to develop new markets while limiting risks.