Trade credit insurance

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Trade credit insurance covers your receivables due within 12 months so that your cash flow is safeguarded. Our information tracks the financial health of your customers and we update you so that you can trade with confidence.  If your customers become insolvent or fall into protracted default, you will be indemnified for the cost of goods and services you have delivered.
Customer creditworthiness check
We analyze continuously the financial situation and the financial stability of your customers.
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Credit limit calculated
For each of your customers , we fix together the  maximum amount of compensation you will get if that customer fails to pay.
Business as usual
You trade existing customers as you wish and we cover your risks.
Evolution of the guarantee
We keep you informed about the evolution of the creditworthiness of your customers and we adapt your guarantees.
Check 3 of your contacts
Unpaid invoices
When you have unpaid invoices, we manage all amicable or judicial recovery procedures.
If your customers become insolvent or fall into protracted default, you will be indemnified according to the terms of your contract.
Gain access to comprehensive and up to date information on the changing risk within your customer portfolio. Track and manage customer orders and payments more confidently.

Trade receivables are protected and your cash flow and profit line will be more secure.  The strength of the business will be clear to banks, auditors and investors.


Identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Release resources to develop sales with new customers and in new markets.
Prevention, collection and compensation, these are the building blocks of credit insurance.

A credit insurance ensures that the risk of unpaid invoices does not threaten your company. Your cash flow and growth are protected.
The price of credit insurance is determined by, among other things, your turnover, risk spread and your delivery and payment terms.
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by Standard & Poor’s 
The risk of non-payment exists even when your customers are established businesses. Trade credit insurance covers the commercial and political risks that prevent payment of monies owed to you. Use our policies to reduce the impact of customer insolvency and mitigate non-payment risks . We monitor your customers’ financial health and grade them with our scoring system. You set trading limits to control the size and frequency of orders you will accept from new or existing customers. We monitor the grades constantly and inform you of changes based on the financial challenges your customers are facing. You can adjust your trading limits to manage the credit risk. Our debt collection services support your own processes and optimise payment rates. Your banking and commercial relationships can improve when you have trade credit insurance.