Internal fraud is perpetrated by one or more of your members of staff.
Common examples of internal fraud include: 

  • Payment of false invoices to a personal bank account
  • Theft of office equipment
  • Purchasing inappropriate business gifts
  • Using company funds to buy goods for personal use

This type of fraud is very common. Procedures in many businesses are often based on trust and internal control systems may not yet be sufficiently robust. Losses can severely affect the financial health and standing of the business.

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Your business could be hit by fraud. External fraud involves the theft of money or stock by persons outside the business. Internal fraud is fraud perpetrated by your staff. Cyber fraud can be either internal or external. Your policy covers you against internal, external and cyber fraud. Subscribing to a fraud insurance limits your exposure to direct and indirect financial losses. If you are victim of fraud, our team of specialists will take charge of the situation and provide you with bespoke assistance.