From greater confidence to more working capital: that's why Euler Hermes is your ideal guarantees

Confidence: the code word when it comes to your company’s future, but also the number 1 requirement in your business contacts and insurance policies. Thus also imperative where guarantees are concerned, because only with expertise and a systematic approach will your company get the very best. Why is Euler Hermes the ideal partner for this? Six advantages in a nutshell.

1.         The confidence of your customers in your company grows

Not only you, but also your customer wants certainty where his business is involved. A partner that you can trust 100% is indispensable. At Euler Hermes, a personal approach that you can always call on is central.

2.         Your contact person knows what he’s talking about

Your own guarantees manager knows your file inside out, so he can provide you with the right advice at every moment. A concrete risk analysis, problem-free sale and administrative follow-up of your guarantees is the goal and our standard, as demonstrated by our Standard & Poor’s AA rating.

3.         You save a lot of money

The type of guarantee, the financial strength of your company and the scope of the risks you’re facing: Euler Hermes carefully reviews all the factors in order to offer you as favourable a rate as possible. A solution matching your needs and wishes is the goal, ‘competitively interesting’ a requirement. So you get the best for your company at the lowest price.

4.         You maintain an overview of your credit file at all times

Efficiency and speed: not insignificant for the growth of your company. Therefore Euler Hermes provides an online portal where you’ll find full information about your guarantees 24/7. You can request your guarantees there or send your standard guarantee texts from there to your beneficiary. By working digitally, the completion time for your guarantees is also substantially reduced. A digital guarantee in two minutes? No problem with the new system.

5.         You can count on our assistance anywhere in the world

International growth means a need for international support. With offices in more than 57 countries, Euler Hermes guarantees you the right expert in the right place. Moreover, our knowledge of the local language and customs ensures that business deals with your foreign partner take place smoothly and transparently.

6.         With us, a hard security is not a condition

At Euler Hermes, we are happy to take over your current bank guarantees, and - unlike with traditional bank guarantees - we don’t require a hard security. So how do we determine your creditworthiness? Details about the projects that we guarantee, your company’s published financial information or solvency ratio constitute our basis. Together with personal conversations, so that you get the assistance that is tailored to you and your business.

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