Watch out for fraud and phishing when teleworking

Working from home in times of Corona: keep it safe

We all experience a special time marked by concern for the health of our loved ones and ourselves. In a short period of time, we also had to adapt our way of working thoroughly. Working from home is the norm now, but unfortunately also a source of inspiration for fraudsters. Good cyber-hygiene is more than necessary.

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Facilitate safe and smooth homeworking

As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that your staff can telework safely during this Corona crisis. This can be done by installing the right tools, providing clear guidelines, sharing practical tips and raising awareness among your employees to maintain good cyber hygiene.

Check, for example, that your staff always work with a secure wifi connection. Make sure that your IT team is easily accessible to help with hardware or software problems or any other issues. And restrict access to sensitive systems as much as possible.

Beware of phishing

Because the situation is still evolving and a lot of flexibility is expected, there is a lot of communication. This is of course necessary, but can also be a pitfall. Phishing emails from fraudsters can easily sneak in between other urgent Corona communications.

It is therefore important to give your staff extra warning about this form of abuse. Call for vigilance if they receive messages or questions from strangers asking them to take urgent and necessary action.

E-mails that appear to come from colleagues but contain an unusual request should also be looked at critically. When in doubt, it is important to contact them personally, especially in this period of working from home. Prevention is better than cure, today more than ever.

The fraud insurance of Euler Hermes protects you against internal and external fraud, online and offline. You will find more information here. Of course, you can always contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you from a safe distance.

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