Sometimes your own success can be the biggest danger. Many advisers warn businesses to be on their guard for over-trading and it remains a trap that is never far away when the economy is growing. The harder you work to win new customers, the better your product, the more chance there is that an order will come which is larger than any you have received to date. Or an invitation to tender for a project that would double your turnover for the year. 

Saying ‘no’ is the hardest part of running a business when attractive opportunities come along, especially for small businesses. Investors want to hear about growing returns and the bank wants to see turnover rising. Your employees may have bought in to the excitement of a great leap forward too.

When that situation comes along, there are several steps that can be taken to manage the risk and take advantage of the opportunity.   

Trade credit insurance is one of the services that will protect your cash flow and give you greater freedom to trade. Setting up cover for major contracts or for your customer portfolio can improve your position when requesting financial support. 

The growth of your company can soon be slowed down by payment delays or defaults, leading to cash shortages in the business. These barriers to expansion can be overcome by working with us. We offer a range of credit insurance solutions, backed and supported by tools for decision-making, designed to put the power in your hands. Our insurance and guarantee services are aligned to the size of your business, whether small or medium-sized, multinational, or a large enterprise operating across many markets. Our expert teams make sure the products and services you receive are tailored to your needs, match your sector, and support your development strategy.