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We are the global leader in trade credit insurance, surety and related risk services.
We help customers of all sizes to trade wisely and grow their business safely.

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With Euler Hermes Credit Insurance you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products, knowing that your business is protected against credit risk such as the insolvency of your customers.

We specialise in trade credit insurance, surety and collections services. What sets us apart is our commitment to building relationships. We create strong teams that work closely with you to really understand and make a difference to your business.

Solutions based on your company size

Make trading easier for your business

Learn how credit insurance data helps businesses to identify creditworthy customers, protect receivables, and safely grow sales.

Use TCI to protect cash flow & receivables

Expand your business in domestic or international markets to protect your financial accounts with our customized credit insurance solutions.

Enterprises with a global footprint

We build & manage robust, global insurance for credit risk & related services for you with confidence to trade in this complex environment.

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Japan In Focus - Challenges ahead
Economic growth is expected at +0.8% in 2019, a pace similar to 2018. While the first quarter has been weak due to slowing global trade, we see a gradual improvement going forward. In the near term, domestic demand is set to gain some traction, helped by a rise in both private consumption and investment.
Monetary easing for longer and delayed fiscal consolidation
Inflation is low (+0.3% y/y in Q1 2019) and there is little chance that it will reach the central bank target (+2% y/y) in the medium term. This is because (i) input prices, such as commodity prices, are weak and (ii) aggregate demand growth is slow and a potential increase of the sales tax could hurt the economic outlook. Against this backdrop, the central bank will maintain its accommodative stance. The financial sector requires close monitoring as an extended period of ultra-loose monetary policy led to several market distortions (e.g. JGB market, ETF).

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Our aim is to help businesses become successful. Our knowledge of industries, companies and countries will help you make the right decisions and avoid risks. We offer efficient solutions for all situations, even when the business climate is challenging, working to protect your business and safeguard your corporate financial health. We provide credit insurance and other services for risk management when you trade at home or overseas. We help you collect your debts with services tailored to your needs. We provide bonding to reassure business partners your contractual obligations will be met. Our proprietary data helps you select the best companies to trade with and the right terms to offer them. We examine and monitor possible credit threats to your business. Our objective is to help you avoid financial losses and fully understand the financial stability of your business partners. When you have a payment default, we manage claims to give you confidence and peace of mind, so that you can focus on developing your business.