5 benefits of a professional debt collection agency

A friendly telephone call, a formal reminder and finally a registered letter, all of which remain unanswered. As an entrepreneur, outstanding invoices can have you at your wits’ end several times a year. In this case a professional debt collection agency is just what the doctor ordered. Below we’ve summed up five benefits.

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1.      You get a neutral, abjective intervention

By the time companies call in a debt collection agency, tempers are often already flaring and it seems like there’s no way out of the impasse. A debt collection agency can smooth over the row and consider the situation from an objective, independent standpoint. The purpose? To reconcile your interests and those of your customer. A neutral intervention is what is needed in this case.

2.      You benefit from assistance from the right expert in the right place, all across the globe

Euler Hermes offers debt collection services in a total of 177 countries worldwide. We provide a professional solution to all your payment issues anywhere in the world. Moreover, personal contact with your business partner can help to speed up payment and it’s more likely that your claim will not have any legal consequences.

3.      You benefit from a well-substantiated expert opinion

It’s a fact that a debt collection agency has ample experience in difficult negotiations. You are presented with a list of all the pros and cons of an amicable settlement so you can reach an agreement in consultation with your customer. The ultimate goal is to find a solution both of you can live with. Euler Hermes always runs a proposal by you before taking it to your customer.

4.      We offer you a watertight solution

At the end of the negotiations, the legal knowledge a professional debt collection agency has acquired culminates in a watertight document. This way there can be no new argument between you and your customer and you can simply continue your business relationship as before.

5.      Your customer relationship remains intact

For a professional debt collection agency preserving the business relationship is the No. 1 priority. The representatives of Euler Hermes always start by solving financial disputes in mutual consultation so that your business relationship with your customer is not affected.

One on four bankruptcies originates from outstanding debts. Recover, right away the maximum amount of your outstanding debts. Thanks to the tips of our experts.

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