Economic & Trade Risk Insights

Trade Credit: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Trade credit is an efficient tool to fuel your company’s growth. Learn more about the trade credit advantages and disadvantages.
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What is Trade Credit Insurance Coverage?

A Guide to Trade Credit Insurance Coverage

Learn about trade credit insurance including what it is, what’s covered, benefits and how it works. Visit Euler Hermes today to find out how we can help protect your business.
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Six Steps to Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Six Steps to Reduce DSO and Improve Cash Flow

Days Sales Outstanding is a key measure to track for a business’s healthy cash flow. Learn how to improve your company’s cash flow by reducing DSO with Euler Hermes.
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Advanced Credit Risk Analysis Techniques

Credit risk analysis plays an important role in credit management. Learn how your business can take your credit risk analysis to the next level.
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Effective Customer Credit Management Techniques

What is Credit Management?

Utilizing effective credit management techniques is essential in ensuring late payments don’t jeopardize your business. Get helpful tips here.
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Internal Methods of Controlling Accounts Receivable

Looking to reduce the internal risk of your receivable process? Learn the most common internal controls methods for accounts receivable from Euler Hermes.
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Managing Imbalanced Accounts Receivable Risk

Minimizing A/R risk can ensure your business’ cash flow is healthy. Learn how to effectively manage accounts receivable risk with this post from Euler Hermes.
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What to Do If a Company Goes Bankrupt and Owes You Money

If your business extends credit to a company that files for bankruptcy, you may have to face unpaid debts. Learn how to protect your cash flow with Euler Hermes.
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How to Assess the Creditworthiness of a Customer

Checking the creditworthiness of new customers is important to ensure a steady cash flow. Learn the best practices for assessing new clients.
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