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Sep 09, 2021

How to prevent insolvency risk

Learn more about business insolvency risk and discover measures to assess but also to prevent it, including insolvency protection insurance.
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Sep 09, 2021

Why consider non-payment insurance for your company?

Learn what non-payment insurance is and how it supports company growth by covering non-payments of invoices.
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Sep 09, 2021

US Employment Report: A Major Disappointment

The employment report for August 2021 was a dramatic disappointment. The economy created only 235k jobs vs. expectations of 720k. It was the worst performance of the entire year to date.
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Sep 09, 2021

What is a good working capital ratio?

The working capital ratio is a key liquidity indicator to know before launching new activities. Find out more.
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Sep 09, 2021

How to create a business risk management plan for your company

Learn about business and enterprise risk management: what it is, the main risks, advantages and disadvantages and how to create your process.
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Sep 08, 2021

Business cash flow management: understanding the basics

Cash flow management is essential to project future revenue and secure your business growth. Read our article for tips to improve your cash flow.
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