What is Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Discover how to protect your business against unexpected commercial risks with trade credit insurance. 

Trade credit insurance – also sometimes called accounts receivable insurance – protects businesses when a customer fails to pay a trade debt. 

This often occurs when a customer becomes insolvent or is unable to pay within the contracted terms (a protracted default). Credit insurance indemnifies a proportion (up to 95%) of the debt owed to you. 

Additionally, Euler Hermes' trade credit insurance provides world-class knowledge and data to empower your trading decisions. This helps businesses that choose trade credit insurance to avoid more bad debts and safely expand sales to new and existing customers.

  • Prevent disruption to cash flow from slow payment, nonpayment, and insolvencies
  • Reduce the risk of key account concentration levels

  • Borrow against insured receivables
  • More capital at reduced rates – take full advantage of A/R reduction in bad debt reserves

  • Expand sales into riskier or new markets with favorable terms
  • Grow with existing accounts and safely offer open terms to new accounts
  • Provide a structure and discipline for credit decision making
  • Fast data-driven credit decisions on customers, prospects, industries, and countries
Small Business Trade Risks
Learn how credit insurance data helps businesses with up to $25 million in annual revenue identify creditworthy customers, protect receivables, and safely grow sales.

Expand your business in domestic or international markets and protect your key financial accounts. Explore solutions for companies with revenue exceeding $25 million.
We build and manage robust, global insurance for credit risk and related services specifically for you, to give your multinational enterprise the confidence to trade in this complex environment.
Clients worldwide
85 Million
Businesses monitored
AA Rating
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