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If I make a claim, how much will you pay?

The amount we pay when you claim is called the indemnity. The level of indemnity on our policies ranges from 80% to 100% of the amount of the debt. The variation depends on the policy you select, how you manage credit terms, the state of your accounts receivable portfolio and your premium target. When you set up your policy we’ll demonstrate some examples to help guide you.

If my business incurs a loss and our claim is accepted, how soon will I get paid?

In the U.S., our aim is to pay you within 60 days of the date of loss. For export losses, the timing may be subject to a waiting period that varies by country - all of which are laid out in a transparent way in your policy wording.

I want to deal with you online.  Is that possible?

Yes. We have the technology to give you excellent service and more options for how to work with us.  You can request credit limits, make a new claim and monitor progress on your current claims via the internet with EOLIS, our 24/7 system. 

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