Trade Credit Insurance for Multinational Companies

Tailored credit risk management giving you confidence in a complex world

Euler Hermes World Agency is a dedicated global team working specifically for multinationals and offering tailored and flexible risk solution for global risk management. Navigating and managing risk in a global arena can be challenging and our knowledge and expertise gives you the confidence to trade in this complex environment.

Our solutions

World Program

Worldwide credit insurance solutions for multinational companies

The World Program is exclusively for multinational companies operating anywhere across the globe. Our expert team knows that, as a large multinational enterprise, your financial structures are complex. We build and manage robust, global insurance for credit risk and related services specifically for you, centred around bespoke programmes and one Master Agreement framework, adaptable at both central and local level.

Excess of Loss (XoL)

Protection against exceptional losses

The value of diversified risk mitigation strategies is clear in larger businesses. Credit managers with the right tools can make decisions on the type of risk to transfer and when. As your partner in trade credit management, the Excess of Loss (XOL) policy takes care of those excesses. Your own calculations will be supported by our unique information sources and analytical tools. This product supports multinational companies with strong and mature risk management practices who can absorb a greater level of risk.

Transactional Cover (TCU)

Single risk transactions, political risk and specialty products

Large projects are subject to multiple risks: contract interruption, non-payment, confiscation or political. A transactional cover unit policy provides a non-cancellable limit (€100 million max) for up to eight years, which will deliver all the benefits of more secure financing for financial institutions, investors, exporters and companies doing international trade. Terms are tailored to each project and contract so that you have the most appropriate cover to support your goals covering both structured deals and single transactions.


Products to harmonize with your business model and risk appetite.


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